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Get Involved

By all playing our part in prevention, there will come a time when Aotearoa New Zealand is a place where children live a life free of abuse and neglect.

Get involved in Child Safeguarding Week and put prevention into practice. Here are some actions you can take as an individual, organisation and community to support this year’s theme and ultimately, keep children safe!

Supporter Toolkit

Detailed guidance to promote and encourage others to get involved in the campaign.

Knowledge is Key

Education and training is a key component to preventing child abuse and neglect. With knowledge most abuse can be prevented or interrupted.

Understand the Issue

What is Child Sexual Abuse? Signs and behaviours to be aware of.


For Parents

Protective steps you can take to keep your children safe.

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For Organisations

Prevention measures to have in place to protect children in your care.


Online Learning

Access free, informative online sessions and content.



Promote prevention and influence change.

Put Pen to Paper

Sign this petition to help change policy which will protect children from abuse.

Sign Petition

Lend your Hand

Help us create visual awareness to promote prevention. Participate in our “Lend your Hand” activity.


Spread the word!

Encourage others to get involved in Child Safeguarding Week by sharing posts on your social media.


Working together, we can put an end to child abuse and neglect in Aotearoa!

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