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Child Protection Week is launched


Sunday 5th – Saturday 11th September 2021

Safeguarding Children celebrated it’s 10-year anniversary in 2021. It seemed the perfect time to launch Child Protection Week (CPW), a campaign to raise awareness, support and educate individuals, organisations and communities on how they can protect children from abuse and neglect for every day of every week!

Highlights from the 2021 campaign:

  • Over 600 people participated in one of Safeguarding Children’s online training courses.
  • Nearly 250 people learnt what it meant to work or volunteer in a child-safe organisation with access to a free Safeguarding Children webinar.
  • More than 1,000 people engaged with CPW messages and resources shared through Safeguarding Children social media channels.
  • Ten people won a free registration for a Safeguarding Children online course.
  • Over 500 parents and full-time caregivers across New Zealand of children under 18 years old were surveyed to understand their awareness and concerns about child protection measures in organisations, groups and clubs charged with protecting children in their care. In addition to this survey, 268 people in organisations where they supervise children under 18 years old were interviewed.

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